The AIBIZCore Platform is the ideal software for the management of your company.

Your company needs AIBIZCore – a reliable software solution to support multiple operations.


Developed according to the needs of your business, the Ecobite corporate software connects to your company’s technological environment. It connects with other management software and is capable of acquiring industrial data.

In companies, there are several applications with their specific requirements, in terms of hardware, licensing and technical knowledge of the user who, in many cases, only uses a small set of features. In these cases, the departure of an employee has a great impact on the organization, in terms of costs or even the loss of information.

AIBIZCore emerged, with the basic premise of “One organization, one application”, being the interface between internal / external employees and / or suppliers / customers with the organization’s information system.

The AIBIZCore platform provides in the backend the interconnection between the various applications of the organization and the connectivity with the external / internal system, from the services available via WebService to the real-time automation systems, if any.




Human Resources

Industrial Production

And much more...

All-in-One Platform

Connects to various industrial data management and acquisition software

AIBIZCore - the software platform adapted to your company

Ecobite’s AIBIZCore collaborative software platform integrates all management solutions on a single platform in order to allow greater control of operations, streamline processes, increase profitability and ensure constant quality.

We develop the software with your business model, challenges and objectives in mind to create a tool with which you can take advantage of new business opportunities and gain an advantage over the competition..

GDPR Software

CRM Software

Tailor-made Software

Ecobite's software development team creates great products that bring value to your company and surprise your customers.

Web Development
Adapted To Any Industry
Custom Software

Is the software you need unique? We are up to the challenge. Our team helps you to plan and create and implement the ideal tool for your business.

We can present an AIBIZCore demo within 72 hours

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